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The official website of the Finnish Defense Forces
Telegrams from each day of the Winter War

A database of the Finns who lost their lives in the Finnish wars, 1939-1945, in Finnish, Swedish and English.
The Military Archives of Finland.
Finland in World War 2, by Matti Yrjölä
The Finnish Defense Forces (Puolustusvoimat) in World War 2 by Henri Hovi
Lessons of the Winter War, by Dr. Tomas Ries, in Virtual Finland
The Finnish Navy in World War 2, by Jari Aromaa
Finnish Armoured Forces in World War 2, by Andreas Lärka
Finnish Aircraft in World War 2, by Pentti Perttula
Finnish fighter history -Finnish Fighter Tactics Academy-
"The White Death: The battle for Suomussalmi", by Michael R. Evans
The site about Marshal Mannerheim
About Finnish weapons
The site of Kev.Os 4 Re-enactors (USA)
The Association for Military History in Finland, in Finnish only
A site dedicated to Finnish veterans, in Finnish only
A website dedicated to the Swedish volunteers in Finland 1939 - 1944, by Nicolas von Schmidt-Laussitz, in Swedish only
Pictures From Wars During Finland´s Independence , Finnish / English
The excellent Library-section of Jaeger Platoon Website, by Jarkko Vihavainen
Pictures of the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union 1941-44, by Seppo Vainio
Ilomantsi at war ("Winter War" and "Continuation War 1941-1944"), mainly in Finnish with a good english abstract
Finnish Military page -Finland in the Second World War, by Harri Anttonen
The history project of the Finnish Virtual Pilots Association
History of Finland: A selection of events and documents, by Pauli Kruhse
A website dedicated to the ceded Karelia (nowdays a part of Russia), in Finnish only, by Seppo Rapo
A list of Finns and Karelians, executed between 1937-1938 and buried at the Sandormoh cemetary in Soviet Karelia. The list compiled by Juri Dmitrijev. In Finnish only.

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USSR / Russia
Russian Battlefield, webmaster Valera Potapov
A great site about the Mannerheim Line, many present day photos of different bunkers, by Bair Irincheev
Russian Military power 1930s - 1940s
A brief review about the Winter War, in Russian only
Articles in Russian press, in Russian only
St.Petersburg Environs, an interesting site with lots of maps, mainly in Russian
The link takes you to the english part of the website
Military-Historical club "Stalingrad"
History and information of the Mosin-Nagant rifles, by Bob Wheeler
Sword of the Motherland Foundation Russian/Soviet military History on the Web, by Patrick Hughes
Taipaleenjoki: A Bloody River, by K. Jakimovich
Journal of the Soviet Army
Website dedicated to the Red Army and the Soviet Army
RKKA in the World War II
A website dedicated to the Finnish fortifications in the Karelian Isthmus, by Alexander Korovin. So far in Russian only.
Information from Russian Karelia. By Andrew Heninen


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WW II Resources, Primary source materials on the Web.
The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School, World War II : Documents
An excellent source of online-books and research studies. Provided by US Army Combined Arms Research Center
Online bookshelves, by US Army Center of Military History
THE SITE about German AFV's, by George Parada
A site about axis armor, by Ralph Zuljan
The "On War"website, by Ralph Zuljan
The new site of "Tanks of World War 2", also by Ralph Zuljan
Tanks! -Armoured warfare prior to 1946-
The PIBWL military site, Polish Armour 1918-39, by Michal Derela
"Third Reich Factbook", by Marcus Wendel
World War II Armed Forces, by Dr. Leo Niehorster
A German military history research site 1919 - 1945, by Jason Pipes
Waffen-SS Order of Battle, by Rob Fitzgibbon
Grunt's Military Site
WW II in Europe, by Brandon Leniart
The March Raid - The Soviet terror air raid to Tallinn on March 9/10, 1944
World War 2 Newspaper Archives of Canada
TDI reports online. By the Dubuy Institute
Norway during WW2
A website with lots of information about the Maginot Line
Battalion Organisation during the Second World War, by Gary Kennedy



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Search engines / Directories / Link collections
The Wargames and Military History Search Engine, British Wargames
The Special Forces Association Search Engine
a collection of WW 2 links


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Associations & the like
The New York Military Affairs Symposium
Dutch Association of WW2-collectors


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Discussion Forums
Axis History Forum (Third Reich Factbook)
The Russian Battlefield Military Forum
Finnish Air Force in WW2 -discussion Forum
TankNet Military Forums
Achtung Panzer ! Forum
The "Forum On War"
History Channel -discussions
World War II Forums, by Steve Otto Torriero
Forum of the 1. Jagdmoroner Abteilung

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